Steps To Follow While Writing A Dissertation Proposal

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Searching on Google by typing ‘how to write a dissertation proposal’ may take hours to find the right answers. Before that, students also need to know what a dissertation proposal is.

A dissertation proposal outlines the study you want to do, including its purpose, methodology, and justification for being conducted.

As an undergraduate or graduate student, you’ll undoubtedly need to create a proposal before beginning your dissertation.

In your dissertation proposal, you will have to include an introduction, literature review, methodology, implications and a bibliography. But students end up making several mistakes while working on a dissertation proposal.

Let’s discuss a few steps they can follow to avoid errors in a dissertation proposal.

  1. Come with an idea– Even experts associated with dissertation writing services will not be able to help you in this matter. Instead, you will have to take your time, think and come up with an idea.

Developing a compelling dissertation idea is critical before preparing your proposal.

Find a topic in your field that interests you, and start reading up on it. What top concerns do other researchers have?

Once you have an idea, think about how to structure it and make it more focused. Avoid being overly ambitious or unclear; a dissertation topic must be precise enough to be manageable. From a broad area of interest, shift to a focused niche:

  1. Presenting the idea– A dissertation proposal starts with an introduction, like most academic texts.

Here, you should introduce the subject of your study and give some background information. Most importantly, present your goal, objectives, and research questions.

  1. Context– You can include extra background information and context after your study topic is clear.
  • What information is necessary for the reader to comprehend your suggested questions?
  • What is the current state of this field’s research, and what will your dissertation add to it?

Give the reader a rough idea of the debates you’re intervening in instead of going into great depth if you’re included in a literature review at this stage.

  1. Discuss related research in literature review– Your topic is now apparent, so it’s time to investigate previous studies that have addressed related concepts.

This is crucial since it identifies gaps in the literature and guarantees that you are not posing an issue that has previously been addressed.

Since your topic is now more clearly defined, you should analyse and evaluate the most pertinent sources in your literature study in-depth. You may have already done some preliminary reading.

In this section, you should summarise previous studies’ findings and note any gaps or issues.

  1. Methodology– You should be specific in this area since you must persuade your supervisor that you’ve carefully considered your research strategy and can carry it out.

You can be working on more theoretical research, trying to create a new conceptual model or refining an existing one.

Both of these are frequently used in dissertation research. But the content of your methodology section will differ depending on how significant each strategy is to your dissertation.

Final Thoughts

You need to follow these few steps while working on a dissertation proposal. Try to always take your time and do not rush. Reach out to your instructor in case you need help. These steps will help you to avoid making common errors during online exam .


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