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Am I in a Healthy Relationship?

by johnpeter20

Early in a relationship, rose-colored glasses are typical. However, rose-colored glasses might mislead some individuals from realizing that a relationship is unhealthy.

Healthy Relationships?

Hopefully, your partner treats you nicely. Is that true? Take a break from getting swept off your feet and consider if your relationship has these qualities:

Mutual regard. Do they understand your greatness and why? Make sure your partner likes you for you. Does your spouse listen when you say you’re uncomfortable and then stop? Respect implies each individual appreciates and respects the other’s limits.
Trust. Your lover passes while you’re chatting to a French classmate. Does he lose it or keep walking since he knows you won’t cheat? Jealousy is normal. But how someone handles jealousy counts. No relationship can survive without trust.
Honesty. It’s hard to trust someone when they’re lying. Have you discovered your girlfriend lying big time? Like she said she worked on Friday night but was at the movies with her friends? You’ll doubt her next time she claims she has to work.
Support. Your spouse should support you at all times. Some individuals are fantastic when everything is going apart but not interested in your positive things. In a good relationship, your partner consoles you when your parents split and celebrates with you when you get the lead in a play.
Fairness/equality. Relationships demand give-and-take. Do you alternate picking new movies? Do you get out with your partner’s friends as much as yours? If it’s unfair, you’ll notice. A power struggle in a partnership quickly deteriorates.
Split identities. Healthy relationships need compromise. But don’t feel like you’re losing yourself. Before dating, you had families, friends, interests, hobbies, etc. You shouldn’t have to stop seeing friends or giving up your hobbies. Learn, make friends, and advance.
Good communication. Can you discuss crucial feelings? Don’t hold back because you’re worried your partner won’t like it. The proper individual will let you ponder before talking about anything.

Unhealthy relationship?

Mean, disrespectful, domineering, or abusive relationships are unhealthy. Some individuals have parents that quarrel or abuse one other emotionally, verbally, or violently. It may appear natural to those who grew up with it. It’s not!

We learn through seeing and copying our loved ones. So someone who has grown up amid violence or contempt may not know how to treat people with love or demand the same.

Healthy relationships demand compassion and respect. Before getting into a relationship, someone who struggles with this may need to see a therapist.

Even if you may feel sorry for someone who’s been abused, it’s unhealthy to remain in an abusive relationship.

Warning Signs

Verbal, emotional, or physical abuse occurs when a partner taunts, belittles, hits, slaps, or compels sexual activity.

Does my boyfriend/girlfriend:

get angry when I don’t sacrifice for them?
insult my appearance or outfit and claim I’ll never find a date?
prohibit me from meeting friends or chatting to other males or girls?
want me to quit something I love?
ever threaten to strike me while angry?
push me sexually?

You may ask yourself more. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is attempting to dominate you, make you feel horrible about yourself, isolate you from the outside world, or—this is a huge one—harm you physically or sexually, get out now. Inform a trusted friend or family member and stay safe.

It’s easy to justify aggression, possessiveness, and wrath as love. Even if you know your abuser loves you, it’s unhealthy. No one should be hit, pushed, or coerced.

Why Are Some Relationships Hard?

Have you heard that if you don’t love yourself, others won’t? Self-esteem issues may derail relationships. If you can’t love yourself, your partner won’t. Don’t worry about others’ happiness—focus on your own.

What if your partner requires too much? If the relationship seems like a chore rather than a delight, it may not be a good fit. Unhappy or insecure people may struggle in relationships.

Teens may struggle with passionate connections. Some are too focused on their own emotions and obligations to react to someone else’s in a close relationship. Don’t worry if you’re not ready. You will and can take your time.

Notice that some teen romances don’t last? It’s natural—you’re both developing and changing daily. Your initial compatibility may change. If you keep trying, the relationship may deteriorate. Better to separate as friends than continue in something you’ve outgrown or doesn’t seem right. Before you pursue that French class hunk, break up with your existing partner.

Relationships may be joyful, romantic, emotional, and heartbreaking. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, choose your friends wisely. Get to meet many of individuals while you wait.

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Compare your friendship values to good relationship traits. Develop those wonderful traits—they make you more appealing. If you’re in a relationship, make sure it brings out your finest.

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